Grace Consulting

Our Promise

Pursuit of Excellence

High Performance requires commitment to learning, the application of innovative thinking and the development of new modes of delivery. Successful Leadership Development interventions will help leaders to be more responsive, able to adapt more quickly to changes within their organisations, or indeed be the drivers of positive culture change within their companies. Leadership Development is an investment that proactive organisations make in their most talented people, to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and achieve better business results at the same time.

Grace Consulting is a leading player in this pursuit of excellence and high performance. We offer the highest standards in all our programmes and we have worked successfully with a large number of Senior Managers and Directors in a wide range of organisations (both public and private, national and international) since being founded in 2005.

We are a member of Waverley Learning UK which provides us with access to leading edge leadership thinking, coaching tools and techniques. We also work closely with the Coaching and Mentoring Partnership and Shift Theatre, which enables us to offer our clients an extensive and diverse range of skills and expertise.

Quality Assurance

We attach great importance to Quality Assurance in our practice and we achieve this through the following measures:

  • A focus on continuous professional development through regular learning meetings, training days, attendance on professional courses, and sharing of new business challenges and practices.
  • Attendance at induction training programmes that have been externally accredited, and to continuous personal professional development.
  • Ongoing supervision by both internal and external qualified supervisors.
  • Regular reviews of case studies and learning from each other's experiences.

Client evaluations include:

  • Purpose - e.g. did programme meet client expectations, and did the coach understand the business needs.
  • Meetings - e.g. was the coach thorough, prepared, and were the meetings stimulating and energising.
  • The Coach - An overall rating, including e.g. how well did he/she challenge, demonstrate understanding of client personal and business needs, help with new perspectives/fresh insights.
  • Feedback on certain other open questions.


Our clients are assured of the utmost confidentiality. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of all our services and we guarantee this at all times. No feedback whatsoever is provided to the sponsoring client organisation except where the coach has the free and explicit consent or wish of the executive being coached.

Values & Culture

  • We want to add real and lasting value to our clients.
  • We have clear quality assurance processes in place for delivery of client services.
  • For the benefit of our clients we are committed to keeping abreast of developments in coaching research, thinking and literature by our own individual study and by sharing best practice insights with each other and with our colleagues in the UK.
  • We have rigorous quality processes in place for the selection and training of our coaches.
  • We are committed to our own personal and professional development.