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Emotions in Organisations

Another fantastic clip from UCD's Faculty Insights series.

In this one (link below) Dr Annette Clancy discusses her research on emotions in organisations.

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The Role of Culture,Behaviour and Psychology in boardrooms

We highly recommend viewing this and other Faculty Insights from UCD.

In this one (link below) Professor Niamh Brennan discusses the role of culture, behaviour and psychology in boardrooms.

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Endings and Loss in Mergers and Acquisitions: An Exploration of Group Analytic Theory

Mergers and Acquisitions, Group Analysis by Grace Consulting

We are delighted to announce that Corina has won the prestigious G.A.S.I. International Student Essay Competition 2016.  This is a significant achievement, as the competition was open to entrants around the world.  Even more wonderful is that she is the first Irish person to win this award, so the entire team at Grace Consulting, along with her colleagues, family and friends, are justifiably incredibly proud!

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