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Coaching skills - releasing the potential in self and others - webinar presented by Dr Corina Grace

Corina's webinar (on behalf of ACCA Global) titled "Coaching skills - releasing the potential in self and others" was well attended and very well received!  It is now available 24/7 for anyone who missed it to catch up.

The link is below and there are some wonderful resources available to download at the end of the clip.

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Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

This is a one-to-one coaching programme for successful transition and balance, that will help you to:

  • Build resilience.
  • Prepare for transition and change.
  • Plan the key milestones for returning to work.
  • Put your child's life in focus.
  • Develop transferable skills, for lifelong benefits.
  • Remain engaged, motivated and fulfilled at this time of enormous change.

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Emotions in Organisations

Another fantastic clip from UCD's Faculty Insights series.

In this one (link below) Dr Annette Clancy discusses her research on emotions in organisations.

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Recommended Reading: Trump and Love

We highly recommend reading the lastest blog post by Karen Blakeley which can be accessed on her Responsible Leadership blog.  It is titled Trump and Love and it explores last week's election results through the prism of responsible leadership and love.  It's a fantastic read so here is the link.

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The Role of Culture,Behaviour and Psychology in boardrooms

We highly recommend viewing this and other Faculty Insights from UCD.

In this one (link below) Professor Niamh Brennan discusses the role of culture, behaviour and psychology in boardrooms.

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Coaching skills - releasing the potential in self and others - Webinar presented by Dr Corina Grace

Corina will present this global skills webinar on behalf of ACCA Ireland on Tuesday 22nd November at 12pm GMT.

Attendance is free but registration is essential.

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IGAS Study Day 5th November 2016

Corina will be presenting "Endings and Loss in Mergers and Acquisitions: An Exploration of Group Analytic Theory" at the IGAS Study Day tomorrow.  

The theme of the Study Day is "Fostering the practice and application of Group Analysis in Ireland."

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