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“Leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work.” – Genevieve Capowski. In other words, everyone has the basic seeds of leadership within them and how these are developed and cultivated will determine whether leadership qualities develop in an individual.

Our leadership interventions are designed and tailored to meet the specific goals of individual companies. We have extensive experience in designing processes that ensure clear links between leadership behaviour at all levels and the strategic priorities facing their particular company.  This is essential in achieving aligned leadership in a fast changing environment.

Our distinctive approach to leadership development stimulates deeper learning in order to help people realise their natural, authentic leadership abilities. The processes and interventions* we use are designed to inspire continuing development of leadership abilities, therefore creating a long-term roadmap for ongoing growth and success into the future.  At an individual level this leads not only to an improvement in behavioural skills, but to a significant shift in personal attitude. Virtually everyone who participates in our programmes reports an increase in confidence, clarity and personal conviction.

We also focus strongly on the relational element of leadership, i.e. how managers work together to release creativity and encourage initiative from their teams. Our programmes and executive retreats are collaborative and appropriately challenging at the same time. We ensure they are also inspirational and enjoyable so that participants are fully engaged and ready to learn within a safe space.

*These include external feedback (e.g. via 360 review), self-assessment via various psychometric tools, NLP techniques, EQi, solution focused coaching, CBT, reflective learning, orientation work, group workshops and exercises, action learning, 1:1 coaching, etc. 

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