Grace Consulting


Our objective is to draw from our wide range of skills and expertise and apply them appropriately to each situation. We don’t have one fixed approach; instead we work hard to ensure we understand the agenda and then design our contribution accordingly. We challenge thinking, stimulate creativity, provide tools and techniques, give encouragement, build confidence and stimulate motivation. We have no agenda other than the client's. Each assignment is unique and client focused. Trust and an unconditional regard for the client are central to our approach.

What sets us apart from others is our ability to combine our training and expertise as psychologists with extensive first-hand business and line management experience. 

Leadership Development

Our distinctive approach to leadership development is based on cutting edge research into how leaders really learn during times of change. 

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Culture and Change

We have extensive experience in empowering organisations to achieve and sustain positive culture change in every aspect of the way they work.

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Emerging Talent

Put systems and processes in place that will facilitate the recruitment and retention of high potentials.

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Executive Coaching

Our tailored approach to coaching is a collaborative one and is about building a trusting relationship so that individuals can produce extraordinary results.

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