Professional Practice Circles and Personal Therapy

Leadership Reflection Circles

The Leadership Reflection Circles (LRC) are a place for leaders to come together and tap into the insights and experience of their respective peers. We create a unique learning environment that facilitates deeper learning and stronger lasting application. The LRC is designed to provide a safe, confidential and creative space to:

  • Share challenges, dilemmas or questions you may have as a leader.
  • Hear from others and learn from their experience.
  • Inspire, challenge, stretch each other and experiment with creative problem-solving.
  • Reflect on style, approach, purpose and impact as a leader.
  • Build meaningful connections and a supportive learning network of peers.
  • This is an open enrolment programme, run on-line, for up to 6 individual leaders from across different organisations. Each session runs for 1.5 hours each month.

From your work on this Leadership Reflection Circles you will gain greater clarity on what you need to attend to and have renewed energy to face into, at times, very challenging circumstances where there are no simple solutions.

Professional Practice Circles

In Practice Reflection Circles (PRC) you are working with a small group of individual practitioners to tackle issues/challenges of concern in your practice. You will be provided with a space to reflect and learn from your experience, in the presence of others, exploring possible actions or taking a different viewpoint or doing something differently.

The premise of PRCs is that the individual knows their own issue better than anyone else and that through sharing, exploring, supporting and challenge, the individual will arrive at the right solution for them and their area of concern. The PRC colleagues are there to provide a mirror/sounding board and help you think about your issue. They don’t tell you what to do or give you advise. Their role is to help you reflect, to probe, to question and listen to your issue and explore options as to how you might approach it differently or indeed confirm your initial intention.

Taking time out to reflect - 'sharpening the saw' alongside active reflection from your peers, can enable you to renew intentions and reengage with more energy and commitment which in turn can lead to more powerful decisions and outcomes.

This is an open enrolment programme, run on-line for up to six individuals from different organisations or indeed the coming together of a group of professionals from the same discipline (e.g. teaching, coaching, law, etc) to work and build on their knowledge and skills within their profession.

Group Analytic Psychotherapy

You can’t live a full and vibrant life without good mental health.  The challenges in our lives increased during the pandemic and good mental health gives us a better chance of meeting them head on.  

Our group analytic psychotherapy programmes do following among other things: 

  1. Promote insight and improve our comprehension of human interaction 
  2. Help individuals, through discussion and shared experience within a group, understand the nature of their difficulties  and as a result find solace and reassurance in their lives 
  3. Reveal the impact of social influences on our lives 
  4. Improve problem solving and creativity within our personal lives and at work.

Group analysis, developed by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst S.H. Foulkes in the UK in the 1940’s, has its foundation in psychoanalysis, psychology and systems theory.  These programmes are an effective form of personal therapy that take place in a group setting.  The group environment is a potent environment for stimulated self-awareness and the awareness of others.  We develop greater awareness of ourselves and others by attending to what lies beneath the surface of our behaviour.  As a result we can improve how we relate to the world around us.